What is TruSculpt iD?

Date Published: November 14th, 2018
Blog Category: Fat Reduction, truSculpt iD

TruSculpt iD is a personalized body contouring treatment used to reduce stubborn areas of fat. The revolutionary TruSculpt iD has been proven to eliminate fat in a 15-minute treatment using a hands free model and it can be personalized to the needs of the individual. TruSculpt iD can be used to treat stubborn areas of fat anywhere on the body including the abdomen, thighs, arms, flanks, bra fat, and submentum (neck).

How does it work?

TruSculpt iD uses multiple hand pieces depending on the size of the area being treated, that will deliver radio frequency energy to the fat cells, causing them to heat up. The fat cells will then start to shrink and naturally be eliminated by the body over time. Results can be seen in 6-12 weeks after treatment with best results seen at 12 weeks post treatment.

It is important to remember that truSculpt iD is not a weight loss replacement. The ideal candidate is someone who is already near their goal weight and needing some help to get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to go away.

How comfortable is it?

The heat coming from the truSculpt iD hand piece can cause mild discomfort, but a cooling mechanism will be used to minimize this. Patients can get right back to their regular routine after treatment with no required downtime. Any side effects are minimal and typically resolve within a few hours.

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