What is Cherry Angioma Laser Therapy?

Date Published: August 22nd, 2018
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Unfortunately, cherry angiomas don’t have anything to do with fruit. Cherry angioma is the common name for small, red bumps on the skin that are usually circular, raised, and harmless. Most people will discover one at some point, but fortunately, Seattle Skin and Laser offers treatment options to safely and effectively remove  these pesky skin blemishes.

What are cherry angiomas?

Cherry angiomas are small, red bumps on the skin that are caused by broken blood vessels, giving them their red appearance. Not much is known about what causes them or why, but they seem to be most often seen in individuals that are 30 or older, and are commonly seen on the torso, arms, and shoulders. One telltale sign is that they bleed when they are bumped or agitated if they are raised, although some can be even with the skin.

How are they treated?

The most effective way of removing these spots is with Nd:YAG laser treatments. Zapping it with pulses of concentrated laser energy allows the cherry angioma to absorb the wavelengths, generating heat and destroying the blood vessels without damage to the surrounding skin. The number of treatments you may need can depend mostly on the size of the spot.

What is recovery like?

This procedure is quick and easy, so you can immediately return to your regular schedule— however, it can cause some bruising that can last over a week, or slight redness and irritation immediately after. There can also be some scabbing at the treatment site, but it’s important not to pick it or irritate the treatment area. As with any laser treatment, you should apply a broad spectrum sunscreen because your treated skin will be photosensitive during your recovery. You should also speak with your dermatologist about which skincare products are safe to use on your treated skin afterwards.

Laser therapy is a no-fuss way to clear your skin and leave it spot-free. We’re offering 15% off a single Cherry Angioma treatment of up to 5 spots through August 31st at our Skincare Clinic.

Contact our office to schedule your consultation with one of our skincare specialists who can create a customized treatment plan for your cherry angiomas.