Tips and Tricks to Relieve Dry Skin

Date Published: December 22nd, 2020
Blog Category: Skin Care

Even though dry skin occurs in seasons throughout the year, we know it’s most common in the winter. Cold weather dries the skin because, below freezing, all moisture in the air turns to ice, which means moisture leaves your body rather than sticking to it. This draws moisture from your skin, drying it out and leading to blistering and other skin damage. To help with this, there are things you can do that will ensure your skin stays moisturized and elastic during the winter months.


The easiest way to ensure your skin is not deprived of its moisture is by supplementing the moisturizing compounds naturally secreted from your skin with natural oils and creams. There are various lotions available in the market that you can take advantage of.

The best skincare routines adapt to the changing environment. Because of this, switching to heavier, more luscious creams during winter instead of topical lotions may result in more hydrated skin during the cold, dry months. Whichever moisturizer you’re considering, make sure to check the ingredients to see if the cream has rich moisturizers like shea butter or glycerin, as these are known to moisturize the skin quite well.

Go Easy on Daily Cleansing

If you are used to cleansing your face twice a day, reducing your routine can help maintain your skin during the bitter cold. Even high quality cleansing products usually leave your skin dry on purpose, ridding the pores of clogging materials and natural moisturizing oils.

And when this process is coupled with the harsh weather, it’s nearly impossible for your skin to retain moisture, which means the problem shifts from being over-saturated to under-saturated.

Reducing your cleansing routine to once a day during dry months may be recommended for certain skin types. In addition, using milder soap for your body wash can help your skin to retain moisture, as this can reduce the moisture loss you experience during this season. To learn more about a personalized approach to winter skincare, feel free to reach out to the skincare experts at Seattle Skin and Laser for more information.


The cold weather can make water an unappealing source of hydration and warmth, but it should not deter you from getting the recommended eight glasses per day. Staying adequately hydrated when the weather is against you gives your skin the best chance at staying healthy during these dry months.

Take Warm Showers

Many people are tempted to take hotter showers during the wintertime. While they might keep you warm for a while, you end up with drier skin due to how the steamy air interacts not only with your skin, but also with your throat, sinuses, and mouth. To help balance this dehydrating routine, our skincare experts recommend that you take warm—but not hot—showers, as the slightly lower temperature will still get you clean without necessarily drying out your skin.

Eat Healthily

One way to know if you are eating well is how your skin looks and feels. Apart from regularly drinking water, ensure you have a balanced diet. This can help keep your skin elastic and youthful, in addition to helping you lock in more moisture through topical ointments and creams.

Sometimes dry skin is due to a vitamin deficiency caused by eating little to no fruit. Eating fruits like avocado and coconuts on a regular basis ensures your body has the natural oils that help your skin stay healthy and strong in the long term.

Consult a Seattle Dermatologist

If you have tried seemingly everything and your skin is still frustratingly dry, you should feel free to contact a Seattle dermatologist. During your consultation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lawlor at Seattle Skin and Laser, you can develop a personalized remedy for dry skin with a medical-grade balance of moisturizers to keep your skin feeling soft and healthy all year long. Protect your skin from the winter weather by calling us at (206) 525-1168 or contacting us online today.