The difference between Dermatology office’s and Medispa’s

Date Published: April 3rd, 2013
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[show_avatar align=left show_name=true] With all the amazing discounts on Groupon, Living Social and other deal sites, you may be asking yourself “Why should I choose a Dermatology office for my skin care and cosmetic treatments instead of a Medispa?

They do the same thing, don’t they?”

Not completely. Although Medispas have the ability to do Botox, fillers, laser treatments, chemical peels and sell top skin care lines, they are not equivalent to a dermatology office. Often times in a Medispa setting a physician “over-sees” the clinic but may not have any formal dermatological training and in many cases are not on-site.

What sets a dermatology office apart from a medispa is the ability to address a wide range of medical and cosmetic skin related issues in a safe environment, where a Board Certified Dermatologist is always available. At Seattle Skin and Laser all of our dermatologists and our physician assistant are Board Certified in Dermatology with combined experience of 45 years.

Remember, the condition that you are having treated could in fact, be a medical condition that should be addressed with a specialist. Here at SSL all of our providers are able to recognize medical conditions vs. cosmetic conditions and direct you in the appropriate way.

SSL cares about all aspects of your skin’s health needs and we work together as a team to achieve these goals.  We take pride in taking care of our patient’s needs both medically and cosmetically.

Part of being healthy, is looking and feeling healthy too.