The Cutera 3D Revitalize Treatment

Date Published: January 4th, 2017
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3D laser treatment is a 3 tier approach to addressing a number of conditions that can develop with aging and environmental exposure.  All three lasers are combined to make one treatment that can help to revitalize you in the new year.
One 3D laser treatment can consists of:

  • Limelight- A light based procedure that addresses redness and pigment.
  • Laser Genesis- A laser that improves texture, pore size, redness and mild acne
  • Titan- An infrared treatment that heats tissue deep in the dermis for collagen stimulation.

3D treatment is typically done on face and neck; however the Limelight laser can be added to the chest, arms, and backs of hands.  3D can be done on both women and men, although men with facial hair would require some modifications to the treatment.

Results may vary from person to person depending on age, lifestyle, and genetics. Results can be seen within a few weeks time with improvements over several months afterwards. I have found that the highest efficacy with 3D is in clients who are starting to experience finer lines, minor sagging, pigment and redness. I like using this treatment to bridge the gap between facials and peels, to more invasive surgical procedures. 3D is typically done in a series for optimal results.  Consult with your aesthetician to find out how many treatments you will need to achieve optimal results.

A proper skin care routine at home, with targeted ingredients to support 3D, will also positively affect results and protect your investment.  Along with your vitamin c based antioxidant, a pigment controlling serum and daily UV protection, I also recommend SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex, an epidermal growth factor to help produce new tissue.

3D is a great way to start out a new year, stop in or give us a call; we’d love to get started!

Happy New Year!

Julie Wentzel, LE