Tattoo Removal – using our new Picosure laser

Date Published: November 3rd, 2013
Blog Category: Tattoo Removal

[show_avatar align=left show_name=true]We are excited to announce the arrival of the Picosure laser for tattoo removal. It is the new gold standard, leading the way, for quicker and safer tattoo removal.

As I said in an earlier blog, we were researching the Pico, and if we believed it would perform as promised, we would make it available to our patients.  Some of you may already know that we brought it on line this past August and it is exceeding our expectations.

After several months of hands on experience with the Picosure, treating hundreds of tattoos, I am impressed with results I am seeing.  The effects this laser has on some of the more difficult pigments to treat such as, blues, greens and even yellow has been spectacular. Due to the new ultra short pulse technology of the Picosure, these pigments fade significantly with only two treatments.  Tattoos with these colors, treated with older technology usually needed at least 7-10 treatments to get the same results.  While the Pico is best in most circumstances, we will continue to use our Yag as well, which is more effective on red ink.

Another plus is that treatments with the Picosure are notably less painful for most of our patients, and the healing process is faster.

When I was introduced to this laser in August I nicknamed it “Darth.”  It is big and powerful…definitely living up to its name!!