Rejuvenate Your Eyes this New Year

Start the new year with a little treat designed for your eyes. The Eye Rejuvenation treatment uses a combination of our Titan and Laser Genesis. We will start off with Titan which uses infrared light to heat the deeper dermis around the eye area to stimulate collagen and lift the …


The Best Treatments to Get in the Wintertime

Winter may not come to mind as an optimal time for self-care and treatments, but it has a lot of potential for pleasant results. Let’s look at a few different treatments that will be beneficial to do in the winter. Facial Peels: Facial peels, or chemical peels, are using the …


How Do IPL Photo Facials Work?

ipl photo facial

When we have skin imperfections, we may not feel our most confident. Some skin and facial treatments may use harsh chemicals or abrasion, which can do more harm than good, especially for those with sensitive skin. There is an option that treats a wide array of skin issues with neither …


Advances in Microneedling

microneedling seattle

I’d like to discuss some new advances we’ve been making with our 3MD Microneedling. We’ve been customizing our protocols to create more corrective and longer lasting results by combining Microneedling with Laser Genesis and IPL-Photofacials. What is Microneedling? Microneedling is a treatment that stimulates your natural healing process by creating …


How Risky is Laser Hair Removal? What are the Side Effects?

laser hair removal edmonds

Laser hair removal continues to grow in popularity and both men and women get treatments. It has the advantage of being fast and efficient, although several treatments are going to be needed. While nearly all people who get treatments have no problems with it, some find that a few complications …


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