tanning lotion

Summer is on the horizon! If you’re like me and are looking forward to wearing sun dresses, tank tops and shorts but having ultra pale legs might say otherwise, there is a solution. Believe it or not my legs are about two shades lighter than the rest of my body. The ombre look is great for hair but not for skin! Here are a few tips for getting that sun kissed look.

Many of you may instantly think to jump in a tanning bed or layout in your backyard but as we know tanning beds are very bad for us and long stretches of time in sun without sunscreen can also be harmful. So what do we do about ultra pale legs?

I love L’Oreal’s Sublime Tinted Self-Tanning lotion this is a quick way to get a slightly bronzed look. You can increase your tan with a new application over several days to get the desired look. If you also are like me and don’t think about looking tan until I want to wear my sundress TODAY, this is a great choice that isn’t super expensive and is available at most drug stores.

For a longer term, full body natural looking tan I highly recommend going to RainGlow. RainGlow is an organic airbrush tanning studio in Wedgewood. Jaime (the owner) is a talented Airbrush technician who will masterfully create your individualized glowing tan. Visit Rainglow’s website for great pre and post tan tips and to schedule.

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