Fall Skincare: Rejuvenating Your Summer Skin

As fall approaches, it’s a perfect time to discuss our anti-aging treatments used for promoting healthy radiant skin, and treating photo damage from all of your summer fun. When photo damage occurs, it can cause our fine lines and wrinkles to appear deeper. The Vi peel is designed for all …


What is Cherry Angioma Laser Therapy?

Unfortunately, cherry angiomas don’t have anything to do with fruit. Cherry angioma is the common name for small, red bumps on the skin that are usually circular, raised, and harmless. Most people will discover one at some point, but fortunately, Seattle Skin and Laser offers treatment options to safely and …


Removing Unwanted Tattoos

It seems that everywhere you look you see someone with a tattoo. Did you know it is believed that tattoos of today originated over 6000 years ago? They started as an acupuncture type of healing treatment and over time evolved into the art form it is today. Some facts about …


What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a persistent condition that is caused by an overactive immune system. We know that the cause is a combination of genetic and environmental triggers. Psoriasis is not contagious, but because of genetics it can run in families. Some triggers include stress, infections, medications, and trauma to the skin. …


Take The Bite Out Of Summer

Summer is here which means many of us will be spending time outdoors and enjoying a picnic in the park…with us on the menu. Insects circle your head on the hiking trail, land in your delicious food, and swarm you around the campfire. What a pain! Don’t forget what comes …


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