Intense Pulsed Light, better know as IPL, is a device we use to treat lentignes (sun spots), and telangiectasia (broken capillaries). It may take several treatments, spaced about a month apart to achieve desired results, leaving the skin with an  improved overall tone of the skin.  It can be used on the face, neck, chest, arms and legs.

If you are planning to have an IPL, or any laser treatment,  it is ABSOLUTELY important to avoid sun exposure and or tanning beds, as it will increase the chance of side effects such as discoloration to the area being treated.  It is very disappointing to a patient  who arrives for a treatment and has to defer treatment, because of tanned skin.

As a reminder to everyone, unprotected sun exposure promotes aging of the skin and increases the risk for skin cancer, so when outdoors, please remember to apply and reapply a good sunscreen and wear a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing, if needed, to minimize exposure to damaging rays. Read our Basic Guidelines and Tips for Sunscreen Use.


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