Staff Product Pick: Colorescience Primer and Powder SPF

Date Published: August 20th, 2014
Blog Category: ColoreScience, Make-up, Skin Care, SPF, Sun Protection, Sunscreen

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to apply sunscreen daily, not just when I am at the beach or park. Protecting your skin is the best thing you can do to help slow down aging, prevent skin cancer and other skin related problems. There are so many types of sunscreens and products to help nourish and renew your face that it is always hard to choose and believe what they promote.

I have recently discovered Colorescience, which is a luxury mineral makeup product line. They use pure minerals without dyes, fragrance or harsh chemicals while including SPF.

My typical routine is to apply Colorescience Primer with SPF 30 in the morning before putting on my usual BB Cream. Sometimes because of the retinol product that I use my cheeks can be become irritated and red. The primer soothes the skin while also hiding the pink color. It evens out my skin color and makes it look a little more flawless.

Applying the SPF Powder over the primer gives my skin a little more matte feel which is perfect for me since I have oily skin. It is also protecting my skin even more with SPF 50. What I love about the Colorescience SPF powder brush specifically is that it makes reapplying stress-free, the color fits my skin tone and it doesn’t clump as I reapply throughout the day. I just brush it over my make up and it doesn’t affect what I previously had on!

After using these two Colorescience products for two months I will keep using it and definitely recommend it to all my friends. Click here to check out the Colorescience products we carry at Seattle Skin and Laser.

Karen B. – Patient Care Coordinator