What is Sciton® BBL?

Sunlight is integral to your health and wellbeing. Whether you spend your free time enjoying the sun or not, it’s likely that sunlight has taken a toll on your skin over the years. That’s because sunlight can cause many of the common signs of aging we try to avoid. Some of the most effective antiaging treatments on the market use laser technologies, and they can be a great way to refresh your skin without downtime.

One of the best options we offer is the Sciton® BBL system. This treatment uses broadband light (BBL) to generate gentle heat in the skin and stimulate collagen production to treat a variety of skin concerns without the harshness of traditional laser systems. It can even be performed without local anesthetic and comes with a thermoelectric cooling system to reduce discomfort. This system can be customized with a broad array of wavelengths for medical and cosmetic treatment on virtually any area of the body.

The Sciton BBL system can also be used for photofacial treatment, one of the more customizable and effective ways to address concerns like unwanted hair, aging signs, pigmentation, and vascular concerns. For a more aggressive treatment option, skin resurfacing can be used with the Sciton BBL system.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Your treatment options with the Sciton BBL system include:

  • Unwanted hair
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Pigmentation
  • Vitiligo
  • Rosacea
  • Aging

Results and Recovery

It’s normal to have some redness similar to a sunburn after your treatment. This usually subsides within a few days, and our team will give you instructions to follow on how to care for your skin. Generally, you should avoid any harsh, scented products and wear sunscreen since laser treatments can make your skin photosensitive. Sciton BBL is most effective when you undergo a customized package of treatments, so our team will create the right treatment plan for you based on your cosmetic goals.  Seattle Skin and Laser also treats patients from Mercer Island and the Issaquah area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sciton BBL

How long does BBL laser take to heal?

Although there’s no downtime required, there may be some redness, sensitivity, and flakiness as your skin recovers (depending on your treatment). Generally, you can expect your skin to recover within a week with the right care steps.

Is BBL better than IPL?

It’s common to see these two light-based treatments compared to each other. Although it’s generally said that BBL is a more advanced version of IPL, the reality is that each has its benefits and approaches. This means one may be a better option for you based on factors like your goals, your skin tone, and your preferences.

Does BBL reduce pore size?

Pore size can’t be reduced. However, because this option can effectively remove bacteria and stimulate collagen growth, BBL is an effective way to reduce the visibility of pores.