Skin Rashes

Rashes are one of the most commonly seen skin concern in Dermatology. They range from mild to severe and affect all ages. Here are just a couple commonly seen rashes in our clinic.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Causes red, scaly and itchy rash most often occuring on the face and scalp although other areas can be involve such as the groin. Although there is no cure for Seborrrheic Dermatitis it can be controlled with non-precription and prescription medications and sometimes will get better on its own. Medicated shampoo and corticosteroid creams are often used to treat.

Allergic Contact Rashes

This is a rash that occurs when allergy-causing substances come into contact with the skin. A reaction is caused in people who are sensitive resulting in itching, redness, scaling, a rash and even blisters. Common allergans are Metals, rubber, hair dyes and other dyes, topical antibiotics, skin care products and poison ivy and other plants. Treatments are typically topical steroid creams and or oral antihistamines. In more severe cases oral or injection of steroids may be given to a patient.
Some patients do not know what caused there allergic reaction ans so in those cases Patch testing can be done to help narrow down possible allergens