Dermatology in Bothell

Seattle Skin and Laser is a center that helps people who have skin concerns and they offer both medical and cosmetic solutions. They have treatment for skin cancer, aging skin, facial volume and excessive sweating. The staff and care providers at Seattle skin and laser in Bothell do everything they can to deliver the best care quality and to ensure an optimal outcome. The center uses advanced technology that can treat adolescents, children, infants, and adults.

Medical Dermatology Procedures

The specialists at Seattle Skin and Laser use the latest methods that address all the problems that attack the skin, nails, and hair. The staff and care providers do everything to ensure the best outcomes. They offer the latest treatments in laser and phototherapy which addresses all skin problems.

At Seattle Skin and Laser center in Bothell, you can get treatment for:

Cosmetic dermatology procedures

Seattle Skin and Laser offers services that will help your skin to look good with aesthetic enhancement. The goal of the services is to ensure that you get a younger and refreshed look. The services you can get at Buthell to address your skin concerns are:

You can also opt for beneficial injectables at the Buthell center:

Seattle Skin and Laser in Buthell offers a plethora of laser treatments that can help rejuvenate your skin:

We also offer MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery treatments in Bothell:

About Bothell, Washington

Bothell is a metropolitan city located in the King and Snohomish counties in Washington. It is famous for the city of Bothell Freedom Festival which features an annual Fourth of July parade as well as an enactment of the Battle of Concord on the Bothell landing bridge. You can also enjoy the Arts & Crafts fair, Park concert series that is held every Friday in July and August and the City of Bothell Riverfest.

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