About Island Dermatology

Island Dermatology provides comprehensive care for both cosmetic and medical skin concerns. At Island Dermatology, Dr. Lawlor will work closely with Jennifer Hall PA-C, and Sheila LiBrizzi, LE. Island Dermatology is located in Mercer Island, Washington at 8435 SE 68th Street, #118.

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Lawlor’s patients can now schedule appointments at either Seattle Skin and Laser or Island Dermatology. Island Dermatology patients can schedule appointments by calling (206) 232-7546 or contacting Island Dermatology online.

Seattle Skin and Laser appointments are available by calling our main office at (206) 525-1168 or our SkinCare Clinic at (425) 778-7546 or requesting an appointment online.

Telemedicine appointments are also available through both Seattle Skin and Laser and Island Dermatology.