Best Treatments to Prevent Signs of Aging

Prematurely aged skin can make you look much older before your time. It robs you of your youthful appearance and can take a toll on your self-confidence. Rather than live with aging skin, you can take simple yet meaningful tips to make your skin look younger. These tips are a …


COVID-19 and Virtual Dermatology Appointments

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in mind, Seattle Skin and Laser is offering telemedicine appointments so that our patients can check in with their dermatology providers without leaving their homes. This is especially important for conditions that are not urgent or cosmetic in nature; any treatment that is not immediately …


How to Build Your At Home Skincare Routine

Skincare is exceptionally important. Unfortunately, few people take steps beyond washing their face once a day and an annual dermatologist appointment to keep their skin healthy. The most effective way to cultivate and maintain healthy skin is by establishing an at-home skincare routine. Building an at-home skin routine may sound …


April Showers Bring Rosacea Awareness Month


The National Rosacea Society | designates April as Rosacea Awareness Month in honor of this common condition, thought to affect more than 16 million Americans. Unfortunately, the majority of rosacea patients are not receiving treatment. Early intervention is ideal to prevent worsening of dilated blood vessels, thickened skin, and …


When Should I Start Getting Botox?

botox seattle skin and laser

Botox is a well-known treatment that has withstood the test of time. Since it has become increasingly affordable for more candidates, its popularity has grown. Now that Botox is a commonly used treatment, many wonder when they can start using Botox. What Is Botox Used For? Botox is used for …


Now Offering Telemedicine!

Telemedicine appointments are an alternative to in-office visits, for conditions of the skin, hair and nails. Telemedicine appointments are HIPPA-compliant and can be billed to insurance. Our dermatology providers are available to deliver comfortable, convenient care, wherever you are.   Acne Rosacea Atopic dermatitis Psoriasis Bacterial infections Viral and fungal skin …


truSculpt iD Body Contouring

At Seattle Skin and Laser we’ve been working with the latest technology from Cutera for body sculpting and I wanted to share my experience with the truSculpt ID. I’ve worked with many RF (radio frequency) devices for body sculpting and tightening over the years and I’m pleased to say this …


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