Masks Are Everywhere!

Whether you are wearing a mask all day like myself, or just occasionally while shopping or in public places, there has been an increase in skin concerns regarding the mask covered area over the last few months. Some of the most common diagnosed skin issues from mask wearing are acne …


Does Non-Surgical Body Contouring Work?

It’s natural to want a figure that you feel confident in. Unfortunately, no matter how much you diet and exercise, it can still be difficult to acquire the body type you’ve always wanted. If you’re finding that you can’t naturally get rid of unwanted fat, there are non-invasive treatments available …


How to Prevent and Reverse Sun Damage

Throughout our lives, there is every chance we will spend a little too long in the sun and be affected by some form of sun damage. The issue we all face is how to get the right amount of sunlight without causing long-term damage to our skin through over-exposure. Sunlight …


Ditch the Razor and Switch to Laser!

laser hair removal seattle

After what seems like a very long spring spent at home staying healthy, summer is finally here. This is the perfect time to take off those pj’s and sweats, put on those shorts and sleeveless tops, and enjoy the out doors (while social distancing, of course) It’s not too late …


No Sweat, No Stress with miraDry!

Summer is here and now is the time to get out and enjoy the heat without having to worry about underarm sweat and odor. Are you among the many people who experience humiliating moments because of uncomfortable moisture, visible stains on your clothing, and odor? To cope, some people use …


Melt Fat Without Surgery: truSculpt iD

Despite adhering to a diet rich in nutrition and committing to a rigorous program of exercise, you could very well still find yourself left with undesirable regions of stubborn fat. If you ever dreamed of magically melting away those last nagging pounds, then you are in luck. Continuous advances in …


Best Treatments to Prevent Signs of Aging

Prematurely aged skin can make you look much older before your time. It robs you of your youthful appearance and can take a toll on your self-confidence. Rather than live with aging skin, you can take simple yet meaningful tips to make your skin look younger. These tips are a …


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