9 Easy Ways to Stop Your Body From Sweating

excessive sweating seattle

Sweating is a natural process of the body and occurs to cool our bodies down. It is a fact of life that when we are hot, we sweat. The moisture our bodies produce then evaporates in order to cool us down. While sweating is a perfectly natural part of life, …


What is Laser Tattoo removal?

tattoo removal seattle skin and laser

Tattoos have been used for centuries to mark a rite of passage, a special relationship, or another important moment in a person’s life. Today, body art continues to grow in popularity. Yet, all too often, clients discover that they regret their ink. While makeup will work as a temporary cover-up, …


Enhance Your Complexion With Laser Skin Resurfacing

There are all sorts of contemporary aesthetic treatments in this day and age. It doesn’t matter if you want to make your complexion appears more youthful or if you want to tone up certain areas and get rid of some excess flab, either. There are without doubt procedures that can …


Improving Your Skin with the IPL Photofacial

photofacial ipl seattle laser

In the endless battle for beautiful skin, it can feel overwhelming to look at the number of professional treatment options available. One great option that many patients begin with is the IPL Photofacial for its easy treatment, low downtime, and great results. Here’s what to know about getting started with …


Sweat A Lot? It May Be Hyperhidrosis

Keeping your body cool and eliminating toxins is the primary reason that you sweat, so it is a necessary part of life. The amount that you sweat though, should be manageable. If you frequently have bouts of uncontrolled sweating that soaks through your clothes, you may have hyperhidrosis. Signs of …


Treating Stubborn Fat with truSculpt iD

Seattle Skin and Laser brought the new truSculpt iD to our clinic last summer and I wanted to share my experience with this technology. I’ve worked with many RF (radio frequency) devices for body sculpting and tightening over the years and I’m pleased to say this exceeds all of them. …


Think Before You Ink Your Brows

It is often said, “eyebrows frame the face. “ Many people are choosing to have their eyebrows microbladed. This is a great way to enhance ones appearance. However as with any procedure, it may have drawbacks, so it is important to proceed with caution. Microblading which enhances and or replaces …


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