Refresh and Renew Your Skin

Date Published: February 22nd, 2019
Blog Category: Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning

Looking to get your skin on its A game and start 2019 off right? Want that winter glow? At the Skincare Clinic in Edmonds, they offer Dermaplaning as an add-on to a treatment. You may have heard of Dermaplaning before, it is when the esthetician removes the top layer of dead skin as well as any facial hair (peach fuzz) that you may have.

Dermaplaning is usually added on to a treatment such as a chemical peel. Chemical peels encourage cell turnover which causes the new skin cells (which reflect light) to travel up to the surface of the skin. After you receive these two treatments, you will leave with some pinkness of the face and usually some peeling or flaking will occur for a few days. Once that is done, your face will feel oh so soft, delightfully smooth, and you will have that winter glow. A lot of people notice their makeup application is easier after having Dermaplaning done.

I had these two treatments done in the same visit about a month ago, and I have to tell you that I love the results, and will definitely be going back for another! Do your skin a favor and call the Skincare Clinic to make an appointment. 425-778-7546





Emily O’Hara, LE