Protect Your Skin from Sun this Summer

Date Published: May 26th, 2015
Blog Category: Skin Cancer, SPF, Sun Protection, Sunscreen

Sunshine is great, but too much sun exposure can be harmful to our skin.  Wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, broken capillaries, sun spots and even skin cancer may be the outcome from too much unprotected exposure.

What are some things we can do?

  • Daily use of a good “broad spectrum” sunscreen with a SPF over 35.  Find one that you like to use.  Consider how it feels on your skin, is it tinted, is your skin prone to breakouts, and is it scented?? Don’t forget to apply it to your ears, a common spot for skin cancer.
  • A good lip balm with SPF
  • Remember to wear your sunglasses; your eyes are susceptible to melanoma
  • Wear a hat…while a broad rimmed hat is preferable, even a baseball cap is better than nothing
  • If you’re a sports enthusiast and spend a lot of time outdoors you may want to consider investing in clothing with a high SPF rating

While fun in the sun is likely on most of our summer agendas, be prepared!

All of our sunscreens are 15% off this month and we have a variety for all types of skin.  My favorite is Epionce Active Shield.  It contains the “broad spectrum” protection necessary and also contains safflower and meadow foam; important anti inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients!!


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