Prescribers Choice Medications

Date Published: February 28th, 2019
Blog Category: Prescriptions

We are excited to announce that Seattle Skin and Laser has taken a critical step in advancing the efficiency and affordability of your prescription medications! In the US, prescription drug costs are rising faster than any other component of health care. We have partnered with a FDA approved compounding facility to customize the most commonly prescribed topical medications and dispense them in our office.  Studies show that up to 70% of patients do not pick up their prescriptions from the pharmacy. We are now able to reduce the number of steps in the process, customize your medication regimen, and offer face-to-face prescription consultations all before you leave the office with your prescription medication in hand.

This Advancement Enables Us To:

  • Dispense the most commonly prescribed topical medications at the time of your visit. This means no more trips to the pharmacy.
  • Offer medications that are less than or equal to the cost of your insurance copay.

Seattle Skin and Laser is able to: create a more convenient solution than sending you to the pharmacy, control and reduce the out-of-pocket expense, and effectively prescribe medications without the interference of insurance companies. Compliance with drug therapy is 60-70% better when a medication is dispensed at the time of care vs. sending patients to the pharmacy with a prescription. A prescription from one of Seattle Skin and Laser’s providers is required in order to purchase.

Not all dermatology prescriptions are available for purchase in our office. Please discuss options with one of our providers at your next visit to see if this new service could work for you!