Spring Skincare: Periorificial Dermatitis Treatment

Date Published: March 13th, 2015
Blog Category: Skin Cancer, Skin Care

I love spring! Flowers blooming and birds chirping, everyone getting a little bounce in their step. Your skin, hair and nails change between seasons as well. I always expect to see at least a half dozen (usually) women with periorificial dermatitis in the spring months. Periorificial dermatitis is a red, bumpy, “tight” feeling rash that can affect around the mouth, nose, and sometimes the eyes.

Here is the thing – we don’t know why it happens. There are theories about environmental influences and hormones. It doesn’t always recur but can affect a small percentage of folks on a seasonal basis.

You can treat periorificial dermatitis topically but it will take several months to clear up. Usually a full month of doxycycline or minocycline will do the trick.

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