Our Clinic is Expanding!

Date Published: February 10th, 2016
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We are pleased to announce our recent merger with Northwest Dermatology in Edmonds. Northwest Dermatology has been serving our community for more than 30 years under the direction of John Headley, MD. As Dr. Headley transitions into retirement, Dr. Lawlor and his team are working to seamlessly incorporate the practice into our current Seattle Skin and Laser model. We plan to offer the same systems, policies, and exceptional service you’ve come to expect. Northwest Dermatology (NW Derm) is made up of two unique suites, one with a focus on medical dermatology and the other with a focus on cosmetics and skincare. Seattle Skin and Laser (SSL) continues to operate their Edmonds and University Village locations which offer a wide range of medical and cosmetic services as well.

Appointments are available with an amazing group of providers at all of our locations. To learn more about the Northwest Dermatology team please visit their website or you can visit the Seattle Skin and Laser website to compare services offered. The NW Derm clinics are located in the Kruger Clinic building on Highway 99, near Swedish in Edmonds. We do have additional Friday appointments and occasional Saturday cosmetic appointments available. Northwest Dermatology’s March specials are listed below in the newsletter as well.

We will continue to do business as “Northwest Dermatology” for some time but will slowly transition the clinics over to the “Seattle Skin and Laser” name. You will begin to see both the SSL and NW Derm logos and will be asked to write checks out to Seattle Skin and Laser. We will eventually have all 4 clinics, providers, and services available on both websites. If you have any questions about the transition please don’t hesitate to ask.

Northwest Medical Clinic 21600 Hwy 99, Ste 280 Edmonds, WA 98026  (425) 774-2616 Providers: John Headley MD, Kean Lawlor  MD, Preston Lehr PA-C, Jessica King PA-C, Gary Strong PA-C

Northwest Skincare Clinic 21600 Hwy 99, Ste 110 Edmonds, WA 98026 (425) 778-7546 Providers: Katy Turville LE, Elsa Davenport  LE,  Julie Wentzel LE, Laura Jones RN

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