miraDry: A Patients Perspective

Date Published: February 20th, 2018
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miraDry is a FDA approved treatment that uses microwave energy to destroy the sweat glands in the underarm. Once those glands are destroyed, they do not regenerate. We recently asked one of our patients, Mikie, about her experience with hyperhidrosis and why she chose the miraDry treatment. Mikie is a licensed esthetician at MRS Beautique who specializes in lash extensions, skin care, airbrush, and make up. She works in close quarters with her clients making her underarm sweating more apparent, so she was in need of a permanent solution. Read what she has to say first hand about her experience with miraDry.

How did hyperhidrosis impact your daily life?

For as long as I can remember I chose not to wear any colored tops because every time I did I would sweat through them in my underarm area. I would have large sweat circles and ruin most of my clothes. Even if it were freezing outside, I was sweating profusely. I would apply deodorant the moment I got out of the shower and need to reapply before leaving the house. I tried wearing layers to help hide my sweating, but I would stil sweat through those. Black became my color of choice.

I always had deodorant with me, in my car and in my purse. I was self conscious of hugging people or even lifting my arms. I would literally dread wearing something along the lines of a bridesmaid dress as I was afraid to have sweat rings. I used to put  tissues under my arms until it was go time.

Why did you choose the miraDry treatment?

I tried many prescription strength deodorants. They would some what help, but then I would break out in a rash in my underarms due to the strong ingredients. I was at my wit’s end and looking for a permanent solution. I thought about Botox, but that would only be a  temporary solution and would require me to come in on a regular basis to have injections done. When I heard about miraDry I thought, ummmm miracle!! I work closely to clients all day long and regardless of how clean I am, I could not control my underarm sweating. I discussed the procedure with my husband and didn’t care how much it costs as I was willing to take out a loan if it would possibly work. The cost was actually reasonable for a permanent solution!

How was your experience during the consultation and treatment?

I first went in and had a consultation with the provider to talk about the miraDry treatment. We discussed my issues with hyperhidrosis, what I had tried, why I thought I needed miraDry, and my concerns about the treatment. After the consultation was over, we scheduled my first  appointment! Wahoo was I excited.

I went to my appointment with a driver, only because when you are numb under your arms, the numbness can travel to your hands. We went into the room and the provider started numbing my underarms one at a time. I was nervous because I tend to have a high tolerance to numbing agents and need more than the average person. The injections were performed fast with minimal discomfort. After I was numb, the miraDry hand piece was applied to my underarm. For the most part, I didn’t feel anything just some light  pressure. There were a few spots where the feeling was a bit “spicy”, but very bearable. Everything was explained thoroughly and I felt very comfortable. The provider and I chatted the entire time. She was great!

Once both underarms were treated I was a bit swollen, but still numb. Immediately after the treatment, ice was applied. The swelling was the most intense for the next two days, but bearable. You are told to take it easy and make sure to contnue icing. The whole process was easy and I would say all swelling and lumps from the suction were gone within a few weeks and only noticeable to me for the last two weeks.

What were your results with the miraDry treatment?

For the first 3 months post procedure I had little to zero sweating. It was immediately life changing! I would go to grab my black clothes and think, oh my goodness, I can finally wear color or even grey! Since the procedure was done at the end of June, I’m 100% healed and only applying deodorant once a day after my morning shower. I still sweat, but like a normal person, when I’m hot! It’s literally life changing. I am so excited and would do it all over again in a second!

Thank you Seattle Skin and Laser, my life is completely changed for the better

-Mikie Stieben

PS: the picture above is pre procedure, wearing my signature black. Wish I had a new pic to show me wearing color with confidence!