Melt Fat Without Surgery: truSculpt iD

Date Published: July 1st, 2020
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Despite adhering to a diet rich in nutrition and committing to a rigorous program of exercise, you could very well still find yourself left with undesirable regions of stubborn fat. If you ever dreamed of magically melting away those last nagging pounds, then you are in luck.

Continuous advances in modern medicine in the fields of human aesthetics has made custom body sculpting and non-invasive fat loss a real option. At Seattle Skin and Laser, we are thrilled to be able to provide you with our stellar truSculpt iD service. trusculpt iD is the modern answer to the age-old problem of body contouring. Pockets of otherwise reluctant fat are melted from problematic areas under the careful skill of our trained clinicians.

truSculpt iD and How it Works with the Body

As a revolutionary body contouring technology, truSculpt iD utilizes therapeutic levels of energy to zero-in on and eliminate zones of unwanted fat. It uses radiofrequency waves that don’t harm surrounding tissues or skin.

A specifically designed handpiece is compressed against the skin above the area of fat you wish to reduce. Wavelengths of radiofrequency energy are then sent out into these fat cells. This causes them to heat up from the inside. As this heat expands outward from the fat cells, their abilities to function normally are disrupted. This tricks your body into thinking that there is something wrong with the cells, and it begins to take corrective measures to get rid of them.

Your lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out unwanted toxins from the body. Once it realizes that the targeted fat cells are “beyond fixing,” it will start to eliminate them from the body though your natural excretory system.

Get Beautiful Results Quickly with TruSculpt

The process of eliminating these fat cells is done in mere weeks. As the days pass, you’ll notice a large difference in the previously problematic area without having to cut more calories or spending more hours in the gym exercising.

The process has been proven time and again to work on issues such as thigh fat, underarm fat, muffin tops, and more. truSculpt iD provides the results you’re looking for within the first week, and keeps working for months. For up to three months, your lymphatic system will keep working on the region to eliminate fat.

trusculpt iD Only Needs One Treatment Session!

What really puts truSculpt iD ahead of the pack is the ability to save your time. Several other fat-reduction methods are not only invasive, but they also require a lot of visits spread over months.

The time it takes to finish your truSculpt iD treatment is dependent on the areas you’d like to address; their sizes and regions are what matter most here. Generally, the belly and midsection can be treated in under an hour.

Our body sculpting through truSculpt iD is a comfortable one that’s akin to a hot stone massage. It doesn’t require any downtime like surgery would, so your daily routine won’t be compromised.

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