Melanoma Monday

Date Published: May 1st, 2017
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Today we recognize the melanoma patients we have lost (one hourly in the US, 6500 annually worldwide) and the efforts we are making towards prevention, early detection and treatment while the disease is still at a curable stage.

Washington has joined other states in passing legislation to ban tanning bed use for minors without parental consent. Most tanning bed users are women, often starting in their teen years. We applaud this decision and are hopeful it will become a nation-wide policy.

We continue to educate our patients in skin self exams and encourage partners “having each others backs”. The more eyes we have checking for skin changes, the better!

Although we have some new treatments for advanced melanoma, the overall survival rates remain frustratingly low. Please practice good sun protection, check yourself and your loved ones regularly, and come see us for any new or concerning spots.

For more information on skin cancer, visit the American Academy of Dermatology.

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Kerrie Spoonemore, MD