Pigmentation disorders can occur because of an over or under production of melanin, the chemical that gives your skin color. Some common pigmentation concerns include:

  • Melasma – common in those who are pregnant, melasma results in brown patches on the face and neck due to an increase of pigment.
  • Vitiligo – a condition that involves the loss of pigmentation, resulting in white patches on the skin, often in sun-exposed areas.
  • Sun/Age spots – prolonged sun exposure can result in patches of darker skin marked by an increase of pigment, common in those with light skin.
  • Acne Marks – acne outbreaks can leave dark scars on the face

Treatment Options

Although problems with pigmentation are not harmful, they can be bothersome in appearance. Individuals who wish to improve the appearance of their pigmentation concerns can receive help from a dermatologist at Seattle Skin & Laser. Common treatment options include:

  • Chemical Peels – chemical peels can treat a number of pigmentation concerns including acne marks, sun damage, age spots, and melasma. Chemical peels exfoliate and peel away the top layers of the skin to reveal new, even skin underneath.
  • Microdermabrasion – microdermabrasion treatment can exfoliate the top layer of skin to remove age spots, brown spots, sun damage, and improve acne marks and other mild facial scarring.
  • Laser Resurfacing – CO2 lasers can target the top layers of skin to create a more even skin tone and texture, improving acne marks, age spots, facial scarring, and sun damage.
  • IPL Photofacial – Intense Pulse Light is a non-invasive laser treatment used to target brown pigmentation, age spots, and redness.

Not all cases of pigmentation disorders can be treated completely, but the right therapy can greatly improve the appearance of your skin. Your dermatologist can examine your skin and discuss your concerns to determine which treatment you might benefit from.  Seattle Skin and Laser also treats patients from Mercer Island and the Issaquah area.

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