Masks Are Everywhere!

Date Published: September 14th, 2020
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Whether you are wearing a mask all day like myself, or just occasionally while shopping or in public places, there has been an increase in skin concerns regarding the mask covered area over the last few months.

Some of the most common diagnosed skin issues from mask wearing are acne and rosacea, which can be worsened by the fabric covering your face.

The rubbing of a mask and/or the condensation and heat can make acne irritated, flare up, and become more difficult to control.

Rosacea is most commonly found on the nose and upper cheeks, which are both areas covered by the mask. This can result in a flare up from the heat and irritation.

If you have either of these conditions or simply have noticed changes in your skin under the mask, schedule an appointment to be evaluated. There are many medications, treatments, and tips we can give you to help your skin in this area!


Preston Lehr, PA-C