Latisse vs Lash Extensions

Date Published: June 30th, 2014
Blog Category: Lashes

Having long and fabulous lashes is the craze right now! And why wouldn’t it be?. When your lashes look great your eyes are more extenuated and we feel beautiful. There are two great ways to achieve long lashes. Which is right for you?

Latisse is a prescription drug used to treat Glaucoma which as a result it benefitted lashes to  grow darker, thicker and fuller. It is now used as a cosmetic topical solution that can be applied to the lash line nightly. After  16 weeks or so your lashes will be longer and more fabulous than ever before. Latisse is great for someone who would like to improve their natural lashes to have a more natural dramatic look.

Lash extensions are another option for those who never want to wear mascara again! One synthetic mink lash is applied for every single natural lash to achieve a dark full look. There are different lengths and curls of lashes customizable to your eyes and look.

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