What is PinPointe™ FootLaser®?

PinPointe is the first clinically proven laser to temporarily clear nail fungus in one or two treatments. PinPointe laser targets and destroys fungi without causing damage to the surrounding skin. This extremely comfortable treatment takes about 30 minutes to treat both feet. Patients typically see improvement in the new growth of the nail in about 4 to 6 months. Improvement seen in your nail is dependent on your individual circumstances. Studies showed that patients saw a 71% improvement after a single treatment.

What to Expect from Treatment

The PinPointe FootLaser treatment is a simple in-office treatment that addresses nail fungus for clearer more hygienic nails. Treatments only last about 30 minutes and have little to no side effects or downtime associated with the treatment. This laser is a convenient alternative to at-home remedies that are typically messy and ineffective.

Recovery & Results

There is no recovery to this procedure, making it incredibly convenient and a true in-and-out procedure. Most patients see improvement after one treatment; however, reinfection is possible if the fungus exists in your regular environment.

If you are interested in PinPointe Laser Treatments, we recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss your concerns with one of our dermatologists at Seattle Skin & Laser.

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