How to Treat Rosacea: Rosacea Awareness Month

Date Published: March 27th, 2015
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Last night, in honor of Rosacea Awareness Month, I decided to have an extra glass of red wine.  Then I started thinking about a piece of chocolate so I had a few of my favorite; Fran’s gray salted caramels. Then I realize I haven’t had dinner. So, I call my favorite Thai restaurant and order my usual 4-star tofu pad thai. I fell asleep (with a little heartburn) and woke up to have a cup of Café Cielo French press coffee (extra strong) and a grapefruit. Then I rode my bike to work on this beautiful sunny morning…and I forgot my sunscreen.  :0

Yes, I do this occasionally. Actually, I never forget my sunscreen but all the rest could be true.

If this looks like your typical evening routine and you are wondering why your face is bright red in pictures and you have suddenly developed pimples in your 40’s – you have ROSACEA.

The top triggers for rosacea are:  caffeine, alcohol, citrus foods, spicy foods, chocolate, exercise and environmental injury like sun and wind.  Patients will often laugh aloud when I list these triggers for their rosacea- like I am making up some cruel joke to punish them.  People with severe rosacea have probably eliminated many of these triggers without even realizing it.

Try to cut down on at least three categories of these food items to help alleviate symptoms of rosacea.  Our Cutera Coolvue laser can also help with decreasing your red “baseline” or a topical or oral antibiotic may also work in the same manner as well.  There is no cure for rosacea but becoming aware of your triggers and avoiding them will help immensely.

Oh…and NEVER forget your sunscreen.  😉  Happy Rosacea Awareness Month!

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