How to Recover after Sclerotherapy

Date Published: September 30th, 2021
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Sclerotherapy is a simple inpatient procedure that treats unwanted, visible veins, such as varicose and spider veins. During sclerotherapy, a doctor injects the treatment area with a solution that causes the veins to collapse, effectively reducing their visibility. Eventually, those collapsed veins will become absorbed by the body’s natural metabolic processes. Most sessions are completed within an hour with the patient cleared to resume normal activity the same day. However, there are still some conditions they must follow to have the best recovery possible. Here are four aftercare tips for fast sclerotherapy recovery.

How to Recover After Sclerotherapy

1. Take It Easy

Sclerotherapy patients are required to abstain from strenuous activities for up to five days post-treatment, such as running, bicycling, or weight lifting. This is because the treatment area, usually the legs, will be swollen and bruised as healing takes place. Light walking is allowed and in fact encouraged because it can prevent the formation of blood clots. However, patients should make sure that they are getting enough rest and are not overexerting themselves.

2. Wear Compression Socks

Most people are required to wear compression socks or stockings during recovery. This keeps pressure on the collapsed veins and prevents blood flow from returning to the area. Patients are usually instructed to wear compression socks for a duration of one to three weeks, depending on their individual case.

3. Inform Your Doctor of Any Medications

Aspirin and other blood thinners can interfere with the effectiveness of sclerotherapy. Other medications, like certain antibiotics, can cause complications or side effects. For this reason, patients should always ask their doctor about when to stop and resume any prescribed medications that may affect the effectiveness of sclerotherapy.

4. Avoid Sun Exposure

Overexposure to the sun can result in hyperpigmentation, aggravate inflammation, and interfere with healing. After sclerotherapy, patients should avoid direct sunlight for one month post-treatment and apply SPF daily. Because of this, the winter months tend to be the best time to receive a sclerotherapy treatment.

5. Follow Any Other Aftercare Instructions

Sclerotherapy is safe, fast, and minimally invasive. However, it’s still a medical procedure. Therefore, it isn’t without its risks. Some side effects may take years to resolve, but serious complications are rare. In some cases, multiple treatments may be needed.

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