How to Prevent and Reverse Sun Damage

Date Published: August 13th, 2020
Blog Category: Laser Resurfacing, Summer Skin Care, Sun Protection

Throughout our lives, there is every chance we will spend a little too long in the sun and be affected by some form of sun damage. The issue we all face is how to get the right amount of sunlight without causing long-term damage to our skin through over-exposure. Sunlight is vital to our bodies because it allows us to regulate our sleep patterns and provides vitamin D that is hard to absorb in other ways. Sun damage can lead to a range of problems from fine lines and wrinkles to cancers caused by DNA damage.

What is Sun Damage?

There are two basic forms of sun damage, which are categorized as short-term and long-term damage. In the case of short-term sun damage, this can take the form of a sunburn that can be uncomfortable but rarely lasts longer than a few days. In contrast, long-term sun damage can usually be seen in those who regularly spend long periods of time in the sun without protecting themselves with sunscreen or clothing.

A not so Healthy Glow

One of the main problems we see as we are affected by sunburn is the peeling of the skin, which can cause damage lasting for more than a week. However, the ability of our skin to repair itself as we grow older is often lost with age and the effects of tanning can create a leathery appearance to the skin. As we get older, sun exposure can be difficult to cope with because the fine lines and wrinkles associated with sun damage are not repaired as quickly.

DNA Damage to Cells

Each year in the U.S. alone there are more than two million people who are diagnosed with skin cancer caused by damage from the sun. The problem faced by many people in the U.S. is that any skin damage caused by the sun can harm their DNA, meaning their cells will multiply. When this occurs, the cells of a certain part of the body will not only divide but they will then multiply to cause tumors and lumps that can lead to skin cancer.

Treatment Options

The most common way of treating sun-damaged skin is through the use of CO2 Laser Resurfacing. This is a treatment available at Seattle Skin & Laser for those who are struggling with skin conditions and wrinkles caused by over-exposure to the sun. CO2 Laser Resurfacing is a popular way of treating a range of skin conditions, such as wrinkles and acne scars where a laser is used to remove many of the minor skin imperfections that can be caused by the sunshine.

Sun damage is a common problem that can harm the skin but can be treated without the need for invasive procedures. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get in touch today!