How Risky is Laser Hair Removal? What are the Side Effects?

Date Published: November 7th, 2019
Blog Category: Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal continues to grow in popularity and both men and women get treatments. It has the advantage of being fast and efficient, although several treatments are going to be needed. While nearly all people who get treatments have no problems with it, some find that a few complications may arise. Although there is a slight risk of side effects, they are usually temporary.

The Risks

The removal of hair with a laser will have some minor issues that may affect a large number of people. This is true of any hair removal method. One thing that can be expected is that your skin may be sensitive for a couple of days where the laser was applied.

Your skin may also turn red from the treatment. If you are out in the sun during that period, it could become even redder. There is also the possibility that the sun may cause blisters and scars. It is important that you stay away from places or activities that will increase your body heat, including the gym, saunas, showers, etc.

For people with darker skin, there is a slight risk that your skin may change. This is usually a temporary change and it should return to normal after a while. An Nd:YAG laser works best on darker skin colors.

After receiving laser treatment, you want to take care of your skin. Watch for the possibility of an infection, protect it from the sun, and use a moisturizing cream to keep it from drying out.

Severe Problems

A few people may have a greater sensitivity to the laser than others. It could result in skin damage, crusting on the skin, blisters, intense pain, and a fever. When these symptoms are seen, you need to seek medical treatment.

When the skin becomes damaged, it could result in infection or scarring. A skin infection can spread and become serious.

Laser Safety

The laser hair removal procedure is usually safe and few complications will result from it. Problems may come from inexperienced technicians or from people who are not familiar with the laser and its power settings. It is always safer to get laser treatment from trained, experienced and licensed people.

You can also ensure that there will be no problems if you let the technician conduct a little test on your skin before receiving the treatment. Although there may be some slight discomfort with the laser, nearly all people find it tolerable.

People Who Should Avoid Treatment

Almost anyone can get laser hair removal. The only exception is pregnant women. The issue of whether any harm might come to the baby is unknown because it has never been tested so it is recommended that it be avoided.

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