No Sweat, No Stress with miraDry!

Date Published: July 14th, 2020
Blog Category: Excessive Sweating, miraDry

Summer is here and now is the time to get out and enjoy the heat without having to worry about underarm sweat and odor.

Are you among the many people who experience humiliating moments because of uncomfortable moisture, visible stains on your clothing, and odor?

To cope, some people use prescription-strength antiperspirants which are often too irritating. Others try sweat absorbing pads and find them ineffective. Botox is only a temporary and costly solution with potential side effects. Surgical intervention is very expensive and can have many risks and restrictions.

With 1 or 2 treatments, miraDry, a non -invasive FDA approved procedure, provides an average 82% reduction in underarm wetness and odor. MiraDry effectively eliminates sweat and odor-producing glands using targeted thermal energy. Lidocaine is given to numb the area and provide comfort during the 1.5-hour procedure. There is minimal downtime and a few side effects such as local soreness, tingling in the upper arm area, swelling, and bruising. These typically clear up in a few weeks. Icing and ibuprofen are recommended post-treatment and most normal activities may be resumed within a few days.

At Seattle Skin and Laser we have performed hundreds of successful treatments that have provided lasting relief. We were also the first practice in the northwest region to offer this life-changing procedure.

Call us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about miraDry and stop avoiding those embarrassing situations. 206-525-1168

Joanie Poth, RN