Dermatology focuses on skin and nail health, treating conditions and enhancing appearance. Services can range from cosmetic, medical, or surgical in nature. A board-certified dermatologist can properly diagnose, treat, and prevent common skin and nail concerns.

Those looking for a board-certified dermatologist in the Edmonds area can visit Seattle Skin and Laser. The dermatology office has many board-certified dermatologists and aesthetic specialists available to assist with a range of skin and nail concerns. Patients in Edmonds can trust Seattle Skin and Laser for honest, effective care using the latest in technology and equipment.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Many skin, hair, and nail concerns are not dangerous but can be bothersome in appearance. Cosmetic dermatology is offered in Edmonds to enhance the appearance of the skin and nails to be more aesthetically pleasing to the patient. Procedures can address signs of aging, scarring, and other facial blemishes. Laser treatments are offered to treat excessive sweating, unwanted body hair, or a bothersome tattoo. Treatments range from minimally invasive to noninvasive, superficial treatments. Cosmetic dermatology services offered in the Edmonds area include:

Medical Dermatology

Skin conditions that cause discomfort or potential health risks to the patient can be assessed with medical dermatology services. In Edmonds, medical dermatology involves accurately diagnosing the condition and providing a treatment plan to control or eliminate symptoms. Treatment might involve medication, laser technology, or phototherapy. Medical dermatology services available in the Edmonds area include:

Surgical Dermatology

Some conditions require a more aggressive treatment like surgery. Surgical dermatology often aims to test and remove any cancerous spots on the skin. The most advanced techniques in surgical treatment are used in Edmonds to effectively remove cancer while leaving as much healthy tissue as possible. Surgical procedures can also be done for preventative measures if precancerous lesions have been identified. Surgical dermatology services available in Edmonds include:

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