Dermatologist Recommended Sunscreen 2017: EltaMD UV Elements SPF 44

Date Published: May 16th, 2017
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Check out our dermatologist recommended sunscreen for 2017 – EltaMD UV Elements SPF 44. It has quickly become one of the best and favorite sunscreens to many of our patients and staff. 

Sunscreen name:

EltaMD UV Elements SPF 44



Water resistant

Facial sunscreen


All skin types

Post procedure

Main Ingredients:

Zinc oxide: Natural mineral compound that works as a sunscreen agent by reflecting and scattering UVA and UVB rays

Titanium dioxide: Natural mineral that works as a sunscreen agent by reflecting and scattering UV radiation

Ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C ester): Antioxidant that reduces free radicals to help diminish the visible signs of aging

Sodium hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid): Humectant that attracts and retains moisture, improving skin feel and restores suppleness

What is it used for:

Physical barrier to UVA, UVB rays and UV radiation.


Why would you recommend it for patients: 

I recommend this sunscreen to patients who are typically sensitive to chemical sunscreens but also want the convenience of light coverage and sunscreen combined. Perks of UV Elements also include great for post procedure, gentle for sensitive skin types as well as hydrating.

Why do you like to use it/your favorite thing about it: 

UV Elements is the newest edition to EltaMD’s line up of outstanding sunscreens. I love UV Elements because it is a completely physical sunscreen with the tint of a BB cream. It goes on smooth while giving me the coverage I need for an easy morning routine.


$44 (May/June special all SPFs 15% off) Pop into one of our Seattle Skin & Laser Dermatology clinics to pick up a bottle or give us a call at 206-525-1168 for more information!

Click HERE to read more about EltaMD

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