Dermaplaning is a non-invasive way to exfoliate the skin along with removing facial hair. The treatment is similar
to shaving and uses a very thin, sharp blade to scrape away dead skin and any blemishes from the surface. Dermaplaning also allows products and solutions to more effectively penetrate the skin for better results. Many patients choose to have dermaplaning to improve their skin tone and texture, especially if they suffer from dry skin or have bothersome facial hair.

During treatment, the skin will be pulled taught and the thin blade is held against the skin at a 45-degree angle. The blade is swept across the skin in careful strokes, similar to shaving. Dead skin cells and facial hair are scraped away to reveal smoother skin.

After treatment with dermaplaning, patients do not experience any side effects or downtime. Since new skin has been revealed, it might be more sensitive to sunlight, so you should use daily sunscreen or avoid sun exposure.