What is Laser Tattoo removal?

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Tattoos have been used for centuries to mark a rite of passage, a special relationship, or another important moment in a person’s life. Today, body art continues to grow in popularity. Yet, all too often, clients discover that they regret their ink. While makeup will work as a temporary cover-up, …


Think Before You Ink Your Brows

It is often said, “eyebrows frame the face. “ Many people are choosing to have their eyebrows microbladed. This is a great way to enhance ones appearance. However as with any procedure, it may have drawbacks, so it is important to proceed with caution. Microblading which enhances and or replaces …


Does Tattoo Removal Really Work?

There are several lasers on the market today which have been proven effective for tattoo removal like our PicoSure and Nd: YAG. During the procedure, the laser targets the ink within the tattoo and breaks up the pigment which is then broken down and absorbed by the body. With each …


Removing Unwanted Tattoos

It seems that everywhere you look you see someone with a tattoo. Did you know it is believed that tattoos of today originated over 6000 years ago? They started as an acupuncture type of healing treatment and over time evolved into the art form it is today. Some facts about …


The Don’t on Laser Treatments in the Summer

Intense Pulsed Light, better know as IPL, is a device we use to treat lentignes (sun spots), and telangiectasia (broken capillaries). It may take several treatments, spaced about a month apart to achieve desired results, leaving the skin with an  improved overall tone of the skin.  It can be used …


Laser Tattoo Removal: Current “State of the Art”

Seattle Skin and Laser has been performing laser tattoo removal in conjunction with Blink Tattoo Removal for the last 7 years.  We have successfully removed hundreds of tattoos using multiple different laser systems. However, tattoo removal has been performed for hundreds of years.  Early techniques were crude by modern standards …


Covering Your Tattoo With Make-up

Did you hear we now have the Colorescience corrrector pallet for temporary coverage of your tattoo?  Check out Blink Tattoo Removal’s latest blog post about options for tattoo removal now offered at Seattle Skin and Laser. We’ll have a new section in the website dedicated to Colorescience soon!  15% off …


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