Blistering During Tattoo Removal

Date Published: May 6th, 2014
Blog Category: Blisters, PicoSure, Tattoo Removal

[show_avatar align=left]Some people think that for tattoo removal to be effective blistering needs to occur after a treatment. This is not so.

Blistering can be a normal response to tattoo removal. It is more likely to happen after the first few treatments when the superficial ink is being targeted. Blistering usually occurs within 6-24 hours after treatment. As treatments progress, and the deeper ink is targeted and blistering is less likely.

Most blisters are very small and will heal on their own in just a few days. However, sometimes the blistering can be more pronounced and may take a week or two to resolve. No matter the size, patients are all advised not to pick at or disturb any scabs.

I am happy to report that with all cases I have seen, blisters heal well when post care instructions are followed.