Benign Skin Growths

There are many different growths that can appear on the skin for different reasons. Some appear after an injury to the skin or years of sun exposure. Some growths are due to aging or inherited from our parents.

Some of the most common growths are:
-Seborrheic Keratosis- These growths often have a dry, wart-like look but may be smooth or flat. They range in color from black to tan. Many people wish to have these removed because they do not like there appearance, they experience itching, bleeding or generally irritated. Removal can be done by cryotherapy (freezing), shaving, curettage (scraping) or electrodessication (burning).

-Cherry Angioma- these are non-cancerous growth consisting of many small blood vessels. they are typically small, bright red or purple however some can be the size of a pencil eraser. Cherry angiomas form mostly on the torsos of adults but can grow anywhere. Treatment includes excision, burning or laser removal.

-Dermatofibroma- this pink, dull red or brown growth can look like a mole or a scar. they typically appear after a minor skin injury like a bug bite or a pimple. Many are small but they can grow to be quite large. Since Dermatofibromas are a scar when touhed they feel firm/hard and when pinched they dimple or pucker. Women are most likely to get a dermatofibroma on the lower legs from shaving. Removal is typically done by punch biopsy or excision.

-Milia- these tiny white bumps are tiny epidermoid cyst that mostly form on the face. Eyelids and cheeks are the most common area of the face. Although no treatment is necessatry many patients request extraction of them which can be done by your Dermatologist or Aesthetician.

-Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia- are small white or yellow growths most often form on the face of adults
-Compound Nevi