Most people prefer how they look with a healthy-looking, glowing tan, but tanning in natural sunlight or indoor tanning booths exposes your skin to dangerous UV rays. In Seattle, it’s also difficult to maintain a natural tan with limited days of sunny weather. To achieve a glowing tan in a healthier way, we offer airbrush tanning with VersaSpa. This allows you to enjoy a bronzed look without risking damage to your skin.

VersaSpa Airbrush Tanning

At Seattle Skin and Laser, we use the VersaSpa PRO Spray Tan System. VersaSpa tanning solutions incorporate marine algae, which detoxifies and firms the skin as you tan. This solution is sprayed onto the skin from three spray nozzles within a comfortably heated open booth. The system also utilizes technology to eliminate the odor that usually accompanies other spray tan systems. Finally, VersaSpa is gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, and non-comedogenic.

Preparing for Your Airbrush Tan

Before your airbrush tan appointment, you should avoid applying any deodorant, moisturizers, makeup, or other products to the skin. These can create a barrier between the skin and the airbrush tan solution, resulting in an uneven application. As soon as your airbrush tanning is complete, you may then apply deodorant or makeup if you choose.

What is Getting an Airbrush Tan Like?

When you arrive for your appointment, an airbrush tan professional will explain your tanning options, which include a pH perfector pre-tan treatment, sunless tanning, and a moisturizing treatment. Your technician will also help you choose a tan intensity that will look natural and suit your complexion while meeting your goals and preferences.

Once you are ready to begin the airbrush tan procedure, your technician will leave the room and allow you to undress. Remember to remove any jewelry to avoid an uneven tan and to place your hair in a hair net or cap, which will be provided.

You may then step into the VersaSpa booth and wait for the selected solutions to completely spray onto your skin. Your technician will explain what to expect and how or where you should stand to achieve an even, all-over tan.

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