How do Chemical Peels Work: Three Myths

Date Published: April 1st, 2015
Blog Category: Chemical Peels, Skin Care

Myth #1- Stronger is better!

Fact- High percentage peels cause a lot of inflammation but don’t always deliver. Combinations of acids at lower strengths work together to exfoliate, detoxify, and improve the skin with minimal redness and irritation. Combination peels like our SkinMedica peels deliver great results without the discomfort and pain during and after other kinds of chemical peels.

Myth #2- The skin must “peel” for the chemical peel to work.

Fact- Our peels gently slough skin almost dissolving away dead skin cells, and causing a reaction in the skin forming collagen and elastin for smooth healthy skin without going through weeks of peeling like a snake.

Myth #3- Long-term results take weeks.

Fact- Our peels coax your skin into a healthier state, they don’t assault it. Instead of hiding away for weeks while your pink and irritated skin returns to normal it takes just a few days for bright glowing skin to be revealed.


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